Autel Evo I And II – Controller Enhancement Kit

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Choose the Adapters To Use With The mounting system… Look at the product photos if you are confused about what comes with each option. Please do not choose more than 1 of the Smartphone/Tablet Kits and do not choose both CrystalSky adapter options.. The store system in not smart enough to stop you from doing that and you will just be wasting your money if you do so. See the product video and the product photos for more on all the kits, adapters, and options.

Optional Accessories

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Made from Carbon Fiber PETG, Carbon Fiber Polycarbonate, Various Metal Hardware and comes with a 3-year warranty. Fits Autel Evo 1 & 2 Controllers.

Allows easier and more secure mounting for smartphones, tablets, and the DJI CrystalSky monitors.. can be mounted on a tripod..

The front wing makes the controller a much more solid unit.. the back button bumpers prevent accidental button presses.. the optional rear support section keeps the controller upright when using a heavy monitor and sitting the controller down. And multiple metal lanyard connection spots..

The optional extension piece allows you to adjust the monitor position slightly to help get the center of balance you are looking for. This helps when using a very heavy tablet or DJI Crystalsky Monitor, but the average person mounting a small phone or smaller sized tablet would not really need it.

The optional 4hawks adapter piece allows you to easily mount a 4hawks external antenna should you have one. Please note that piece requires a deluxe mount because it needs a place to attach to.

Regarding Extra Large Tablets.. if you have an extra large tablet such as one of the Ipad 12.9’s or some other monster tablet I now have tablet adapters stock in that can handle them. Just choose Smartphone Tablet Adapter Kit 3 if you want that option. There is now a photo of that kit as well.

Regarding the 7 Inch Tripltek Tablets.. I designed a clever little adapter that just attaches to the bottom of the 7 Inch Tripltek tablet. It holds it quite securely and you don’t even need tools to use to get it on and off. Just turn a thumbscrew. It essentially adds an industry-standard 1/4-20 threaded screw thread to the bottom of the Tripletek so it can attach to the mounting system. This new adapter is part of Kit4 and is available now.

Regarding the older model Alientech Antenna Booster.. If has now been confirmed that the older Alientech Antenna Booster (Amplified and Non-Amplified Version) fits with my mounting system and not only can it still swivel when installed it does not even need an adapter to do so. You will probably want my standard or pro mount as my deluxe mount has a rear support piece that will get in the way of the Alientech. It can of course be removed, but why waste the money if you cannot use that piece. Click here to see more about an Alientech setup that a customer did.

Regarding the Alientech DUO II Amplified Antenna Booster apparently does not fit with my mount by default. I believe it will fit though using the QMA plug extensions that Alientech sells.

Mount Versions..
Standard: Includes Base Mount, Button Bumpers, And Front Lock
Pro: Includes Base Mount, Button Bumpers, Front Lock, and Front Wing
Deluxe: Includes Base Mount, Button Bumpers, Front Lock, Front Wing, And Rear Support

All adapters and accessories are separate and can be added to the kit using the checkboxes.

If you are still confused about what the versions and kits of the mount contain for parts please look at the images in the product photos here on this page.  I have the versions, kits, and part photos there with text. Still confused, just contact me.

YouTube Reviews


More info on smartphone/tablet adapter dimensions..

The (kit #1) Reversible Universal Smartphone holder.  See image below for dimensions on that.. it’s really just for lightweight tablets and phones.. Tablet side opens to 4.33 inches min and opens to 7.28 inches max. Smartphone side opens to 2.16 inches min and opens to 3.54 inches max.

The (kit #3) black 12.9 ipad holder..
It has quite the range so it can hold almost any tablet.. Jaws open from 4-7 inches min to 9.3 inches max..
image below shows all of that including its thickness

The (kit #3) small black smartphone holder Clip range: opens to 2.16 inches min and 3.34 inches max

Info on the new Tripltek Mount.. just watch the video below..


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  1. G. Range (Tyler, TX)

    Sky Fire is a far superior product in every conceivable way.

    G. Range (Tyler, TX)

    Johnny, you can tell you spend quite a bit of time to get it right…well done. I bought the Lifthor first and it is a very solid mount…and the anodized orange is cool, but beyond that nothing special really. My Lifthor will make a nice paperweight.

    The bottom line is I’ve owned them both and the Sky Fire is a far far superior product in every conceivable way, it’s modular design and the many options you have plus the fact I can use nearly any of my small collection of actual holders with it. It’s light, it’s strong…versatile and user-friendly. Everyone likes to think they bought the best mount on the market…as did I with the Lifthor, and it’s solid but lacks some functionality. Honestly, comparing the two mounts is absurd…you either have tried the Sky Fire mount… or you haven’t. If you haven’t tried the Sky Fire you are truly missing out not only on the best mount for your controller but also one of the best R/C products ever conceived…period! Just my two cents,🤪 but what do I know…I’ve only been in the hobby for 40+years.👍

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  2. R. Viloria (Garden Grove, CA)

    Awesome mount!

    R. Viloria (Garden Grove, CA)

    Love my SkyFire Aerial Mount! I have the Triplteck Pro 7 Tablet mounted on the Skyfire Aerial Mount, and a modified EVO 2 Controller with the Alientech Pro Antenna attached. For this configuration, I had to add an extender adapter to each antenna connection of the controller to allow clearance between the Alientech and the Skyfire mount bracket.

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  3. Robert P Brace (Redford Township, MI )

    Absolute Best !

    Robert P Brace (Redford Township, MI )

    We have owned a number of controller mount systems and I can honestly say this system is the best. The design, fit and ease of assembly is just the start to a whole new mounting experience. Having both a Crystal Sky and Tripltek Pro that we use on two different EVO controllers, it becomes quite apparent all the advantages these assemblies have over the market. Service and product have been excellent. Simply an outstanding product !

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  4. Glen Rairden (Happy Valley, OR)

    Like it was made by a master craftsman-artist!

    Glen Rairden (Happy Valley, OR)

    Just wanted to say thanks for the amazing mount for my Evo 2 Pro controller. The material is lightweight but rugged. I have a Tripltek Pro and a 4Hawks Raptor XR mounted on it. The mount supports the load without a problem, gives the controller a more solid and professional look and feel. The time, energy, and hard work you’ve put into it is like a master craftsman-artist. Many thanks!

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  5. Steve Robinson (Aylesbury, UK)

    WELL DONE!!!!

    Steve Robinson (Aylesbury, UK)

    Hi Johnny,

    Just a quick message to say many thanks. I just wanted to say the quality of your product is first class. I love the strength of the material used and its texture (I’m very fussy!). You have thought of everything and holding the remote feels so much better. The only thing I didn’t like was the lanyard silver hook protruding over the remote lcd a little too much and I didn’t need it, but of course you thought of everything and it can just be simply unscrewed.

    I also have the Alientech booster and it fits perfectly.

    Best accessory I have ever bought for my Evo 2. WELL DONE!!!!

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  6. Kip Fashing (Rock Hill, SC)

    Extremely Happy With My Purchase

    Kip Fashing (Rock Hill, SC)

    Hello, I received my mount kit today. Thank you for the fast shipping! I’m very happy with my purchase. It is every bit as nice as you described. Great build quality, easy installation, and it securely holds my tablet. I had a chance to try it in flight today and it was flawless. Overall I am extremely happy with my purchase. Thank you.

    UPDATE – after one week of use..
    I have been using this every day that the weather permits since I got it, I’m still really happy with it, I really like the back button bumpers. I cut the single clip off of a DJI neck strap and put two common clips on it to go with the fire sky wing wing, it works great. I cant really think of much to improve what you have already done, nice job! I think my next step is a tripod, and you already have that covered!

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  7. Roman (San Diego, CA)

    This Device Can Make You A Better Pilot

    Roman (San Diego, CA)

    Great product. I saw a review on this and was turned off at first because of its size and the fact that it won’t fit in my hardcase. I decided to give it a shot and when I received it and placed it on a tripod I was hooked. I think this device can make you a better pilot because of how it feels in your hands and the adjustment of your display. Also, when this is mounted to a tripod it allows you to manipulate the sticks and gimbal wheel without worrying about holding or balancing the controller.

    Just get it. You won’t regret the purchase.

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    • jtruesdell

      thank you very much for the feedback.. to clarify some things here.. the product can be used in multiple configurations, the most compact of which takes up very little space.. you don’t have to use the rear support piece, you don’t have to use the wing, you dont have to attach it to a tripod.. those are all bonus features.. at it’s core the mounting system is actually quite compact.. also a lot of my customers still fit everything in their hard case, when using the wing you simply unscrew 2 thumbscrews to remove the mount from the controller, that takes about 45 seconds.. then you put the controller in the case as normal and put the sky fire mount pieces in the lower section of the hard case..

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  8. Gary Baum (, Los Angeles, CA )

    Autel Controller Enhancement Kit Review

    Gary Baum (, Los Angeles, CA )

    This is an amazing product, it is wonderfully designed and IMO the best solution to hold the Tripltek Monitor I have ever seen, and it makes the crummy cheap Autel remote feel like a real transmitter.

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  9. Tom (MCGraphics, Glendale, MO)

    EVO Monitor mount is well made and strong

    Tom (MCGraphics, Glendale, MO)

    I love it, it feel like solid in my hands.

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  10. One person found this helpful
    Doug (Morgan BioScience, NY)

    EVO RC Monitor Mounts - An Excellent Product!!

    Doug (Morgan BioScience, NY)

    Johnny Truesdell has a brought us a truly excellent product! I’ve found his EVO RC monitor mount to be precision crafted and made from very tough but light weight materials. It is quite evident that he put considerable thought and effort into getting a precise fit for all the parts of his mounting system. I have an EVO II Pro. I’ve bundled the RC with a CrystalSky large screen monitor and Alientech antenna with quick release. (I have the Alientech Dual Band because I can use it with drone systems using 2.4 and 5.) I was using a Liftthor keep this together but it became somewhat awkward to manage getting a practical alignment of the three devices. The SkyFire Aerial Deluxe system has worked better for my equipment than the Liftthor. I must say though, the Liftthor mount is well made and a good product. The SkyFire system has performed very well. Notwithstanding, finding a comfortable way to hang any of these mounting contraptions from your neck seems elusive. It seems technically difficult to arrange lanyard eyelets around a center of gravity such that the whole thing doesn’t flop over if you are not holding onto the RC in your flying position. This is also complicated by the tiny Autel RC screen now slightly hidden by the CS. An issue with Liftthor too. The weight of the CS is the biggest contributor to the problem–but that’s a different issue. Johnny. Any ideas? Some kind of sling around your chest and/or shoulders?

    (Photos coming)

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  11. One person found this helpful
    bernard sauvebois (Bonneville, France)

    very good product

    bernard sauvebois (Bonneville, France)

    thanks genius johnny
    for this good product

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  12. One person found this helpful
    Ronnie (Coconut Creek, FL)

    Great tablet/cell phone mount

    Ronnie (Coconut Creek, FL)

    I would like to let all my fellow Evo 1 & 2 drone flyers know about this new controller tablet mount I found from Johnny at Sky Fire Aerial (Evolution 3D).This is my unbiased opinion of this mount that i paid for, did not receive it for free. I first found out about this mount from a YouTuber called 808-State (check out his channel). Originally i was using the LifThor tablet mount and i was having problems with the video transmission and could not figure out why. After a lot of testing with settings on the Autel APP and no solution to the problem, I decided to remove the LifThor from my controller and the video transmission problem virtually went away. My opinion of the LifThor is it is to bulky and you CAN NOT position the antenna in a total vertical position (could be the problem with the video transmission).
    The tablet mount by Sky Fire Aerial is much lighter, has more positioning options for your phone or tablet, you can position the antenna in a true vertical position AND another big plus for me was i was able to mount my stick bracket protection that i was unable to do with the LifThor. I would like to bring up another strong point to this mount. Recently the developer (Johnny) of this mount found a flaw in one of the mount pieces. He immediately redesigned the piece and shipped the new piece out to all his customers for FREE and Priority mail ,,, That to me is great customer service.
    In my opinion, the best setup for the Autel Evo 2 (Pro). FIRE SKY AERIAL tablet/cell mount (much better then LifThor very comfortable and light weight). Skyreat ND filters ( no gimbal compass error notification like Freewell ND filters and 1/2 the price). 4Hawks antenna (not for distance but for better video transmission and penetration). This setup is working great for myself and friends.

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  13. One person found this helpful
    William Grace (Unique Photography, VA)

    Great product, easier to fit in my EVO rugged case.

    William Grace (Unique Photography, VA)

    I had purchased the Lift Thor kit for my Autel EVO 2 pro and when I saw your kit I decided to purchase your deluxe kit with the Crystal Sky adapter and it was just what I needed because it is quicker to install on my controller in the field. And when disassemble easier to fit in my EVO rugged case. Great product.

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