Enhancement Kit For The LifThor Mjolnir Autel EVO Mount


Are you interested in improving your LifThor Mjolnir Autel EVO Controller Mount by adding more features and enhancing its overall appearance and usability? If so, At Sky Fire Aerial has what you’re looking for and we don’t rely on mystical or cosmic energy like Odinforce to make this happen. We simply rely on our exceptional design skills.

What exactly is this?
It’s an upgrade kit that enhances another companies controller mount. To be very clear, you will need the LifThor Mjolnir Autel EVO Controller Mount to use these upgrade parts.

Parts and kit info..
Our Deluxe Kit contains almost all of the upgrade parts that we have designed. The only thing that it doesn’t come with is the 4Hawks Antenna Attachment Piece, which is not necessary for most setups. You can add it to the order if you need that by selecting it via the checkbox. We also offer a range of other part combinations, and individual parts can be purchased separately if you only desire a specific piece. Please refer to the photos on this page to identify the various parts.

Why should you buy this kit?

  • The Lifthor Mount’s Front Wing piece is unattractive and lacks lanyard connections. Our stylish design has two alternate lanyard connections.
  • The upper mounting area on the Lifthor Mount is either a ram ball mount or an optional metal joint they call the “Utility Mount”. The ram ball mount can be troublesome to position and tighten because it moves in unnecessary directions. Additionally, it sits very high throwing off the center of gravity when using a large tablet. The optional “Utility Mount” requires using two different tools every time you adjust it, an Allen head and a little wrench, which is also a hassle. Our joint stays nice and tight, can be hand-tightened, and is a time-tested design that we have used with our products for almost a decade. We think it’s a huge improvement to either option they offer.
  • Our kit includes a rear mounting extension that is extremely useful. This extension enables you to place the controller on a table at a comfortable angle. Furthermore, you can keep the antennas in a lower angled position even while placing the controller on a table, which is the ideal position to have them in when flying.
  • Our kit comes with button bumper guards. They were originally designed to prevent accidental button presses. However, Autel eventually made it more difficult to accidentally press a button by requiring double taps for button functions. Nevertheless, the guards are still useful in avoiding accidental touches and they also add a stylish touch to the device.

It is worth noting that the design of the LifThor Mjolnir Autel EVO Controller Mount has a significant issue that we could not improve on. The metal area surrounding the front USB ports makes it extremely challenging to remove the rubber cover to access those ports. We can not change that without replacing most of their mount. If you want a mount that does not have that issue please take a look at the Evo Controller Mount that we offer.

Other than that, all of the upgrade parts we’ve designed are very easy to install. You can do it all in about 5 minutes. We believe that the Installation of these upgrade parts is self-explanatory, but are here to help if something confuses you. The only thing to be mindful of is to not cross thread any of the screws and/or bolts into the Metal Lifthor mount. You don’t want to ruin the threads. If you take your time that will not happen.

These 3D Printed Drone Mount upgrade parts come with a 5-year warranty, which is a testament to the quality of our product. Finally, by purchasing our kit, you will be supporting a small business in Upstate NY that creates very special products.

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Deluxe Kit – Everything But The 4Hawks Adapter, Front Wing, Button Bumpers, And Upper Joint, Front Wing, Button Bumpers, And Rear Support, Front Wing And Button Bumpers, Upper Joint, Front Wing, Rear Support, Button Bumpers

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