Drone Controller Kits Warranty & Mount Care

This warranty does not cover other products I sell..

Drone Controller Kits Warranty Info

For custom DRONE CONTROLLER pieces that I produce here in my USA based shop, I offer a 5-YEAR WARRANTY to the ORIGINAL PURCHASER.. Smartphone and Tablet Adapters that I sell with my mounts, but do not produce here, have a ONE-YEAR WARRANTY to the ORIGINAL PURCHASER.

For USA customers I pay shipping during that entire time period..

For International customers you pay shipping.

If a mount breaks after 5 YEARS I can offer you replacement pieces close to my cost plus shipping.

Whatever the situation to get a new piece or pieces you may need to send the broken piece back to me, but in most cases, I just need to see some photos or a video showing me what is going on.. That is up to me depending on the situation.

My Warranty does not cover lost pieces or pieces that get broken due to forceful actions such as a fall or being hit, but please just be honest with me if something like that happens and I will get you replacement pieces at my cost plus shipping. Also, Telling me what really happened helps me improve parts in the future..

Mount Care

Taking Care of your Sky Fire Aerial mount..

There’s not too much to worry about or anything special you need to do.

My Sky Fire Aerial mounts are made with PET-G and Carbon Fiber PET-G. It has incredible strength with just a bit of flex making it the perfect material to use for RC Radio mounts and leaving a part made with PET-G in a hot car or using it on a very hot day is not a problem. PET-G parts should not melt or deform on you. In general, parts made with PET-G should give you many years of trouble-free use. I do recommend that while rotating mount joint pieces that you unscrew them enough so they are not rubbing hard on the joint groves like a ratchet as you turn them. It may sound cool and be fun to do that, but it could wear the grooves down. Loosen them up a good bit, adjust the rotation, and tighten. That will ensure they have a nice long life and stay tight.

All metal pieces used in my mounts are stainless steel or zinc coated steel so corrosion should most likely not be an issue either.

Lastly, my custom-made parts are very strong under normal use, but if you are overly forceful with them (hit them with a hammer, actually try to break them, greatly over-tighten), sure, they can break. So, please don’t be overly forceful.. Contact me if you have a question or something doesn’t seem to fit right or if you need help getting a mount piece off without breaking it.. Use these pieces as intended and they should last many years.