Though I generally ship items out within 1-2 business days. It can sometimes take me 3-4 business days. This is because there are orders ahead of you and It’s just me doing everything. My products, which are designed, machined, hand-assembled, and tested right here in my small shop in Upstate NY are in high demand. I also do photography and videography work. This means I am sometimes a day or 2 away from my shop on a job. I also help my 75-year-old dad run a couple of his businesses. That being said, if you are not a patient person or need something on a deadline well, you probably should not order from me. That doesn’t mean you won’t get the product fairly quickly, it just means I am not making promises or agreeing to expedited shipping scenarios that are going to cause me stress. You want some of my cool stuff, well you gotta be a little patient.


U.S. shipping is free with a mount purchase..
I am currently only shipping via USPS

If you buy some adapters and/or accessories by themselves shipping charges apply.

You will get an email from ( or when your item ships so please be sure to check your spam filters for it.


I am currently only shipping internationally to some countries. International packages are taking from 10-14 days to arrive at most locations, but It really all depends, sometimes it can take a month or longer. it all depends on you country’s postal system. Packages to the UK, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong for instance are generally quite quick but countries like Italy for example can take longer..

If you live somewhere else consider using a service such as SkyBox or MYUS.

They give you a U.S. address for places like me to ship to.. then they ship to you.. some will even ship multiple things at once to you so if you buy multiple items in the U.S. you can save on shipping.