Autel Evo I And II – Controller Enhancement Kit

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Choose the Adapters To Use With The mounting system… Look at the product photos if you are confused about what comes with each option. See the product video and the product photos for more on all the kits, adapters, and options.

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Click here for more on that.

IMPORTANT PRODUCT CHANGE.. The Standard and Pro Editions have been discontinued.. I only sell the Deluxe Version now, but in multiple colors schemes.. All Black, Black And Orange, and Black And Gray. The price has been lowered a bit and it no longer contains the small front lock of the standard version. No one used that piece anyway and trust me, the front wing of the deluxe version locks in much tighter anyway.


Made from Carbon Fiber PETG, Carbon Fiber Polycarbonate, Various Metal Hardware and comes with a 3-year warranty. Fits Autel Evo 1 & 2 Controllers.

Allows easier and more secure mounting for smartphones, tablets, and the heavy Tripltek tablets.. can be mounted on a tripod..

The front wing makes the controller a much more solid unit.. the back button bumpers prevent accidental button presses.. the rear support section keeps the controller upright when using a heavy monitor and sitting the controller down and can be removed if you don’t want to use it. There are multiple metal lanyard connection spots..

The optional extension piece allows you to adjust the monitor position slightly to help get the center of balance you are looking for. This helps when using a very heavy tablet, but the average person mounting a small phone or smaller-sized tablet would not really need it.

The optional 4hawks adapter piece allows you to easily mount a 4hawks external antenna should you have one.

Regarding Extra Large Tablets.. if you have an extra large tablet such as one of the Ipad 12.9’s or even the heavy Tripltek 7 and 8 tablets I now have tablet adapters stock in that can handle almost all of them. Just choose Smartphone Tablet Adapter Kit 2 if you want that option. There is now a photo of that kit as well.

Regarding the 7 Inch Tripltek Tablets.. I designed an adapter that just attaches to the bottom of the 7 Inch Tripltek tablet. It holds it quite securely and you don’t even need tools to use to get it on and off. Just turn a thumbscrew. It essentially adds an industry-standard 1/4-20 threaded screw thread to the bottom of the Tripletek so it can attach to the mounting system.

Regarding the 8 And 9 Inch Tripltek Tablets.. I designed an adapter that just attaches to the back and bottom of the 8 and 9 Inch Tripltek tablets. It holds it quite securely. It essentially adds two industry-standard 1/4-20 threaded screw threads to the back and the bottom of the Tripletek so it can attach to the mounting system.

Regarding the older model Alientech Antenna Booster.. If has now been confirmed that the older Alientech Antenna Booster (Amplified and Non-Amplified Version) fits with my mounting system and not only can it still swivel when installed it does not even need an adapter to do so. You may need to remove the rear support piece off my mount as that will get in the way of the Alientech. It just unscrews. Click here to see more about an Alientech setup that a customer did.

Regarding the Alientech DUO II Amplified Antenna Booster apparently does not fit with my mount by default. I believe it will fit though using the QMA plug extensions that Alientech sells.

Mount Versions..
Standard: discontinued
Pro: discontinued
Deluxe: The only version I sell now. Includes Base Mount, 1/4-20 Adapter, Button Bumpers, Front Wing, And Rear Support Piece

All adapters and accessories are separate and can be added to the kit using the checkboxes.

If you are still confused about what the versions and kits of the mount contain for parts please look at the images in the product photos here on this page.  I have the versions, kits, and part photos there with text. Still confused, just contact me.

YouTube Reviews


More info on smartphone/tablet adapter dimensions..

The (kit #1) Reversible Universal Smartphone holder.  See image below for dimensions on that.. it’s really just for lightweight tablets and phones.. Tablet side opens to 4.33 inches min and opens to 7.28 inches max. Smartphone side opens to 2.16 inches min and opens to 3.54 inches max.

The (kit #2) black 12.9 ipad holder..
It has quite the range so it can hold almost any tablet.. It can even hold an iPad 12.9 and the 7 and 8 Inch Tripltek Tablets. Jaws open from 4-7 inches min to 9.3 inches max..
image below shows all of that including its thickness

The (kit #2) small black smartphone holder Clip range: opens to 2.16 inches min and 3.34 inches max

Info on the new Tripltek Mounts.. just watch the videos below..


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